Korn’s Jonathan Davis coming to DJ

Posted: February 4, 2012 in News Etc

After Korn has released their most recent album “Path to Totality”, Johnathan Davis announced he was approaching the turntables and going to begin a side project as a DJ. His Stage name J. Devil has been opening for KoRn with sets filled with dubstep.

Jonathan Davis is working on his first solo EP currently under the stage name J. Devil,  Two weeks ago, he tweeted, “Just wrote a new banger called ‘I Think I Need A Exorcism’ heavy as [expletive]!!!! jdevil out!”

The 41-year-old Grammy winner, who was first a DJ in high school, says he approaches the turntables differently now as an entertainer. He’ll scream and shout into the microphone during the show just like at a Korn concert, and when spinning his own tracks he’ll sing live over the music. According to a press release, “the music teeters strangely seductive gothic heaviness and danceably devilish textures.”


J Devil


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