Posted: February 3, 2012 in Reviews

INSTATEK IS Inspired by the whole variety of music but in particular dark and rolling styles of drum and bass and dub. Taking influence from major labels such as Shogun Audio, Metalheadz, Critical and many more i like to create tough sounding beats with high energy and rich sound scapes. Having been into music since when i can remember i have always had an interest to pursue my own goals. From playing bass guitar in my early teens to learning to mix from the age of 15 i have always had a passion to express myself through music. Having taken so many years worth of highly inspirational tracks in i am now able to express musically what i have wanted to for many years.

The tracks on this release have a very dark atmosphere with heavy beats. It isn’t really my style as it feels very minimal and not very energetic.The other thing I noticed throughout was the tracks seem to just end with no outro or any warning that they may be over. However, it did manage to keep my head bobbing throughout.

The first 2 tracks “Patterns of Thought” and “Sacred” are very simple drum and bass tracks, with nothing much to make them standout. All I can say is the beats are definitely the main focus.

The third and final track is true dubstep, so i thought the record might actually improve at this point with some high energy bass in my face. However, this track also disappointed me. Though I liked a little more and the gory screams in the background at the beginning added enough suspense to make me expect that rare drop that makes me go crazy, stop blogging and start dancing around my office. I was really disappointed and found there was nothing i could define as a build and even worse nothing to be found that could be considered a true drop.

Overall this release made me feel like I should do another blog post today just so I can find something worth showing you guys. Just because I didn’t like this release ( or this style in general) doesn’t mean you won’t, so heres the link to che che check it out :


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