Posted: February 3, 2012 in Reviews

Crim is Kiev based bass music producer. Member of KIEVBASS crew.

This EP was released yesterday, January 18, 2012. I must say this EP has some of the trippiest dubstep I’ve heard in a while. It features 4 tracks, that are all original mixes and around 5 minutes long each. The synths used throughout this EP give off very robotic/electronic vibes. Each track has a strong atmosphere that fits well with the track.

My personal favorite track on the EP was definitely “Mad Clown”. There is a long vocal passage between a creepy clown and a young boy, that i recognized from a certain movie. It grabs your attention and then right when there could be no more suspense built from the atmosphere or vocal passage Crim drops the bass in a way that just carries the creepy vibes and pulls you into the track hard. The only fault this song had that I saw was that ended to fast.
The only track that really drags the EP down is the final track on the album “Warewolf”. This track seemed to be kinda thrown together and the bass was overly distorted in my opinion, however there is a really good breakdown for about 8 measures of the song.

Overall it is a great album, and I hope Crim gets some more recognition soon. If you like this EP, which can be found here :
then you should check out Crim’s previous material on beatport here:


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