Korn’s Jonathan Davis coming to DJ

Posted: February 4, 2012 in News Etc

After Korn has released their most recent album “Path to Totality”, Johnathan Davis announced he was approaching the turntables and going to begin a side project as a DJ. His Stage name J. Devil has been opening for KoRn with sets filled with dubstep.

Jonathan Davis is working on his first solo EP currently under the stage name J. Devil,  Two weeks ago, he tweeted, “Just wrote a new banger called ‘I Think I Need A Exorcism’ heavy as [expletive]!!!! jdevil out!”

The 41-year-old Grammy winner, who was first a DJ in high school, says he approaches the turntables differently now as an entertainer. He’ll scream and shout into the microphone during the show just like at a Korn concert, and when spinning his own tracks he’ll sing live over the music. According to a press release, “the music teeters strangely seductive gothic heaviness and danceably devilish textures.”


J Devil


Roll it, Light it | ketoxo

Posted: February 3, 2012 in News Etc

CYPRESS HILL AND RUSKO COLLABORATION!  The EP is due to be released  this April. The first single, “Roll it, Light it” has been released and is available on Soundcloud now! It should please both fans of Rusko and fans of Cypress Hill.

Cypress Hill X Rusko

Roll it, Light it:
https://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F34449484&Cypress x Rusko “Roll It, Light It” by Cypress_Hill


Posted: February 3, 2012 in Reviews

INSTATEK IS Inspired by the whole variety of music but in particular dark and rolling styles of drum and bass and dub. Taking influence from major labels such as Shogun Audio, Metalheadz, Critical and many more i like to create tough sounding beats with high energy and rich sound scapes. Having been into music since when i can remember i have always had an interest to pursue my own goals. From playing bass guitar in my early teens to learning to mix from the age of 15 i have always had a passion to express myself through music. Having taken so many years worth of highly inspirational tracks in i am now able to express musically what i have wanted to for many years.

The tracks on this release have a very dark atmosphere with heavy beats. It isn’t really my style as it feels very minimal and not very energetic.The other thing I noticed throughout was the tracks seem to just end with no outro or any warning that they may be over. However, it did manage to keep my head bobbing throughout.

The first 2 tracks “Patterns of Thought” and “Sacred” are very simple drum and bass tracks, with nothing much to make them standout. All I can say is the beats are definitely the main focus.

The third and final track is true dubstep, so i thought the record might actually improve at this point with some high energy bass in my face. However, this track also disappointed me. Though I liked a little more and the gory screams in the background at the beginning added enough suspense to make me expect that rare drop that makes me go crazy, stop blogging and start dancing around my office. I was really disappointed and found there was nothing i could define as a build and even worse nothing to be found that could be considered a true drop.

Overall this release made me feel like I should do another blog post today just so I can find something worth showing you guys. Just because I didn’t like this release ( or this style in general) doesn’t mean you won’t, so heres the link to che che check it out :http://www.beatport.com/release/patterns-of-thought/854650


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Posted: February 3, 2012 in Reviews

Crim is Kiev based bass music producer. Member of KIEVBASS crew.

This EP was released yesterday, January 18, 2012. I must say this EP has some of the trippiest dubstep I’ve heard in a while. It features 4 tracks, that are all original mixes and around 5 minutes long each. The synths used throughout this EP give off very robotic/electronic vibes. Each track has a strong atmosphere that fits well with the track.

My personal favorite track on the EP was definitely “Mad Clown”. There is a long vocal passage between a creepy clown and a young boy, that i recognized from a certain movie. It grabs your attention and then right when there could be no more suspense built from the atmosphere or vocal passage Crim drops the bass in a way that just carries the creepy vibes and pulls you into the track hard. The only fault this song had that I saw was that ended to fast.
The only track that really drags the EP down is the final track on the album “Warewolf”. This track seemed to be kinda thrown together and the bass was overly distorted in my opinion, however there is a really good breakdown for about 8 measures of the song.

Overall it is a great album, and I hope Crim gets some more recognition soon. If you like this EP, which can be found here :http://www.beatport.com/release/more-power-ep/858590
then you should check out Crim’s previous material on beatport here: http://www.beatport.com/artist/crim/123424


Posted: February 3, 2012 in Reviews

SQUALID SQUAD is a DJ/Producer duo from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These two always keepin’ the club bouncing as their 4 Deck Live Mixes prove to be what the crowd craves. These two have played alongside artists such as Zeds Dead, DJ Marky, Stagga, Ashburner, DZ, Cookie Monsta, Roksonix, Nero, Borgore, Downlink, Vaski & Flux Pavillion.
With CBZ on the forefront they began producing music through Ableton Live. Just under a year of producing and their music is supported by artists such as, Bryzergold, DJ SnipaZ, Ashburner & Juggernaut to name a few. A VIP of the infamous Requake – Waterdrops, and a more recent remix of DJ SnipaZ – Gloworm have also gained the Squalid Squad considerable attention. With a few releases already lined up for 2012 expect it to be a big year for SQSQ. They show absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon and say “We are coming harder than a virgin this year. We love ya.”

This EP was released yesterday exclusively to Beatport. It features two tacks, “I’m Really Hot(original mix)” and “Helicopter High (Original Mix)”. Both tracks are full of energy, bass, and everything else that makes dubstep great.

The first track and the EP’s name sake, “I’m Really Hot” kept my head bobbing the whole time i was listening and it is definitely a song i am gonna keep around for a while. However, the drop doesn’t stand out as much as I usually prefer when listening to dubstep.

The second track “Helicopter High”, had an awesomely filthy and modulated bass line. The drop had a lot of distortion and as always with SQUALID SQUAD I was in love with the lyrics. I can already see the great remixes that will become of this and I honestly can not wait.

Overall, it is a great EP, though it leaves me wanting so much more.This will definitely hold me off until their next release.

If you would like to buy the album you can find it here : http://www.beatport.com/release/im-really-hot-ep/853868